7 Health Tips For People With Diabetes And Obesity

Diabetes Meal Planning | Eat Well with Diabetes | CDC

The preventive measures widely issued to the general public, for instance, frequent handwashing with soap and water or hand sanitizer, avoiding touching eyes, nose and face, wearing face mask and social distancing are doubly important for people living with diabetes or obesity. Besides these recommendations, additional advices include:

  1. Keeping blood sugar levels under control: Since patients with uncontrolled diabetes appear to be at increased risk of having a more severe COVID-19 infection, thus healthy blood sugar levels within normal ranges should be maintained. Regular monitoring suggested by specialists can help to avoid complications caused by high or low blood sugar levels.
  2. Maintaining physical and mental health: There are plenty of ways to keep body and mind active during the pandemic. To remain healthy, it is highly suggested to exercise regularly, get sufficient sleep, eat healthy diets with proper portions and reduce stress or manage anxiety appropriately.
  3. Drinking adequate water: Especially during summer, dehydration can potentially occur, causing elevated blood sugar levels. Thus, sufficient supply of water is essential.
  4. Prompt access to source of carbohydrate and sugar: Enough food, especially starch and sugar must be supplied at home in order to ensure that the situation can be readily corrected if blood sugar drops.
  5. Having sufficient medication supply: A good supply of medications for the diabetes or other underlying conditions must be assured especially if a self-quarantine for a few weeks is indicated.
  6. Having contact details in hand: All relevant contact details e.g. hospital’s phone numbers and doctor’s phone numbers must be prepared whenever medical assistance is needed.
  7. Medical attention must be sought if developing flu-like symptoms: If any respiratory symptom presents e.g. fever, difficulty breathing, cough, runny nose or sore throat, immediate medical assistance must be sought.

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