Adrenal Addict Vs. Adrenal Fatigue read What is Cortisol?

11 วิธีช่วยคลายเครียดในออฟฟิศ | เจาะใจออนไลน์

Cortisol is a “stress” hormone that is essential to life. It keeps the heart beating, normalize your blood pressure, fights infection, and makes you feel energetic. It’s similar to adrenaline, the hormone that makes you feel alert during exams, exercise or stressful situation. However, too much of cortisol is not good because it is a “catabolic” hormone, meaning it speeds up aging. Think of a friend who works all day and night and doesn’t get enough sleep. She or he will most likely have a very poor-looking skin and feels tired all the time. At the same time, too little of cortisol is not good. You will not have energy to get out of bed or do anything with low morning cortisol.

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