Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair For Knee Injury Treatment

Arthroscopic Meniscus repair for knee injury treatment

If you have torn your meniscus which is a piece of cartilage that is located in the knee joint, you might experience these following signs and symptoms in your knee: knee pain, swelling or stiffness with a popping sensation, especially when twisting or rotating the knee and difficulty straightening knee fully as well as feeling as though the knee is locked in place when trying to move it. Not only accidents, but a torn meniscus can also result from any activity that causes the knee to forcefully twist or rotate, such as aggressive pivoting, certain sports and exercise, falls, sudden stops and turns. Meniscus tears can happen to anyone at any age. Nevertheless, in older adults, degenerative alterations of the knee can potentially contribute to a torn meniscus with little or no trauma. If a torn meniscus is overlooked, it might potentially lead to osteoarthritis in the injured knee.

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