At-Home Workouts While Working From Home

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To follow instructions directed by health authorities and governments, fitness centers, gyms and parks have temporarily closed in an effort to prevent the spread of the viruses. Nevertheless, being inactive and skipping physical routine significantly reduce physical fitness and overall health status. If physical inactivity continues, this might potentially lead to decreased fitness level up to 10% per week.

Instead of going to these places, at-home workouts can be easily implemented with convenience and joy. Tips for starting routine at-home workouts are:

  • Exercise should combine both cardio and strength trainings. Cardio training generally involves exercising at a constant moderate level of intensity, for a specified duration in order to strengthen the heart and increase lung capacity. Strength or resistance training aims to improve muscular fitness by exercising a specific muscle or muscle group against external resistance, weight machines or body weight.
  • Researches have indicated that vigorous or high-intensity  exercise can potentially induce immune suppression, thus the optimal length for each exercise session should not longer than 60 minutes while target heart rate should be lower than 80% of maximum heart rate.
  • In case of the lack of sport equipment that used in gyms, alternatives include bodyweight exercise using own body weight and elastic resistance training using elastic devices e.g. elastic band and tube.
  • The workout should begin with a warm-up and end with cooling down.  A warn-up and cooling down are important since they increase flexibility of muscles and help preventing injuries.
  • To avoid boredom after repeating same routine, exercise should be performed with joy and fun. Interval training is simply alternating short bursts of intense activity with longer intervals of less intense activity. In addition, there are plenty of mobile applications involving exercise and physical activities e.g. online games and competitions which participants can easily join at home.
For professional athletes, a video conference can contribute significant benefits in training and coaching with coaches and team members. While holding a video conference, athletic posture, techniques and skills  could be monitored, resulting in fitness improvement and reduced chance of injuries.

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