Can Other Foods Have the Opposite Effect?

Yes, other, less healthy foods can have the opposite effect, says Naidoo. “It’s equally important for us to know the foods to avoid when it comes to helping our mood as we may often overlook this,” she says.

Some of the top foods to cut back on and possibly eliminate over time, according to Naidoo, include junk food such as foods high in added sugar, processed foods, fast foods, and trans fats. The goal is to replace these options with healthy whole foods.

“Many of these foods disrupt the gut microbiome, leading to dysbiosis and gut inflammation — gut inflammation can then lead to brain inflammation, causing your mood to worsen,” Naidoo explains. She says research shows we can affect our gut bacteria by what we eat within a 24-hour time frame, so we have the daily choice of eating fast foods or healthy whole foods.

“While you won’t feel the effect immediately, these changes start to occur and impact your mood over time by either worsening your mood if you are eating a poor diet or improve your mood if you are making healthy choices,” Naidoo says.

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