Creamy Irish-Style Oatmeal With Brown Sugar

creamy Irish-style oatmeal with brown sugar

Irish oatmeal is a bit different than the oats you may be familiar with. Instead of rolled oats or instant oats, which are popular for their quick cooking methods, you’ll need steel-cut oats. These take longer to cook because they are less processed. This also means they are slightly healthier and contain more fiber.

To make this creamy Irish-style oatmeal with brown sugar recipe from Serious Eats, you’ll need steel-cut oats, milk or water, butter or cream, brown sugar, and salt. To reduce the calories and fat, opt for water or almond milk instead of full-fat milk and butter instead of cream. For the creamiest possible oatmeal, opt for the more indulgent ingredients.

This recipe takes approximately 25 minutes, so it’s not a quick breakfast option. However, soaking the oats ahead of time can save 15 minutes. Even on a busy morning, you can still enjoy a hearty bowl of creamy Irish-style oats.

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