Diagnosis And Treatment Of A Torn Meniscus

A torn meniscus often can be identified by sports medicine physician during a physical exam. MRI, an imaging test is frequently used to detect this condition by producing detailed images of both hard and soft tissues within the knee. If a meniscus tear is diagnosed, recommended treatments include:

  • Rest and stop using the knee.

  • Avoid activities that aggravate knee pain, especially any activity that twists, rotates or pivots the knee. If knee pain is severe, using crutches can take pressure off the knee and promote healing.

  • Use cold compression. A cold pack or a towel filled with ice cubes can reduce knee pain and swelling. Keeping the knee elevated and taking over-the-counter pain relievers can also help ease knee pain

  • If affected knee remains painful despite rehabilitative therapy, arthroscopic meniscus repair is highly recommended. Since this standard procedure is minimally invasive surgery to repair a torn meniscus, it results in smaller incision, less pain, lowered postoperative complications and reduced traumatic damages to surrounding areas, such as muscles, tissues and other organs, leading to a faster recovery time and a quick return to daily life. 

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