Having A Safe Sex With Cardiovascular Disease

Having A Safe Sex With Cardiovascular Disease

There are several ways that love could be shown among couples including making love. Nevertheless, sudden death during sexual intercourse occasionally happens due to cardiovascular disease, especially in case of undiagnosed or overlooked conditions.

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Most people might wonder whether patients diagnosed with cardiovascular disease could have a safe sexual activity. Find out our answer from expert cardiologist here.

“As long as the patients are able to safely climb stairs for 3 floors without being tired or shortness of breath, the patients could have sex safely.” Although, during having sexual intercourse, heart rate increases quickly up to 120 beats/min, this period typically lasts only for 1 minute shortly before having orgasms.

Lifestyle modification is crucially important to reduce risks of developing aggravating symptoms. Appropriate exercise and activities could be greatly advised by cardiologists in order to prevent strenuous activity which might overwork the heart. Warning signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease generally include palpitation, racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, sudden and severe chest pain, severe fatigue or weakness, lightheadedness, dizziness, sweating and fainting (syncope) or near fainting.

After sexual activities, if abnormal signs and symptoms exhibit, it is highly recommended to fully rest in bed without moving and walking. In case that movement is needed, it must be slowly done. Medical attention must be sough immediately if symptoms do not improve.

Additionally, couples could help noticing any abnormal manifestations. If any warning signs are suspected, immediate care is urgently required.

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