How to Correctly Place In the bedroom

In the bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, sizing really depends on the size of your bed. Loloi explains that the ideal size for a queen bed is an 8′ by 10′, while a king would look better with a 9′ by 12′ rug (and that same size works for two twin beds in a kids’ room). For a full, a 5′ x 8′ rug should suffice.

In terms of placing the rug, you have a lot of options, but the most preferred way is to place the rug partially under the bed. In this case, you’ll want to lay the rug perpendicular to the bed and pull it under, stopping a few inches before your nightstands so it’s around halfway under the bed, with the bed centered on top. “This maximizes the amount of useable rug space, and gives you a soft surface to step onto when getting out of bed,” Loloi says. In a smaller room, you can also try just placing a rug in the middle of the room, or at the foot of the bed to add interest and help pull decor together, Loloi adds.

If you don’t want to place a full area rug under the bed or in the bedroom at all, Annie Selke, founder and CEO of her eponymous rug and decor brand, has an easy hack: Just place runners on either side of the bed. You’ll still have that soft, comfy experience when you step out onto the floor in the morning, no matter what size the room (or bed) is.

One thing to keep in mind no matter what room you’re putting a rug in? “Remember that rugs can create an optical illusion, so make this work in your favor,” Loloi says. “Too small of a rug can make any space look disconnected. When in doubt, go for the bigger rug—it will unify the furniture and make the room look bigger than it is.”