Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Whole Chicken

I adore a good slow-roasted chicken, but sometimes a mama just needs to get dinner on the table quickly. Unfortunately, I’ve found that rushing the oven-roasting process with higher temperatures usually means drying out the chicken breast in order to get the dark meat fully cooked on time.

That’s why I love this easy pressure cooker whole chicken recipe. It yields juicy, flavorful white meat, fully-cooked dark meat, and with just five minutes under the broiler you can still get the crispy, golden brown outside, too.

Plus, it takes less time than actually roasting a chicken, and after your fall-off-the-bone tender meal is over, you can just toss the frame back in the pot to make Instant Pot chicken broth. That’s two tasty dishes with less cleanup. (The BEST, right?)

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