Instructions Prior To Eyelid Surgery

Please keep the surgeon informed about your medical conditions and underlying diseases, including:

Medical problems

Serious illness or underlying conditions

Medical history e.g. surgery and anesthesia administration

Dental problems e.g. denture and wobbly tooth

Drug allergy or food allergy

 For patients with high risks or underlying diseases, additional investigations prior to being anesthetized and surgery include:


Blood test

Electrocardiography (EKG)

Medical consultation with internal medicine doctor

Certain medications, supplements or herbal drugs that affect surgery must be discontinued at least 7 days before surgery begins. Please bring all medications and supplements to the hospital on the surgery day. These include:

Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs


Vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin A

Cod liver oil

Seaweed and omega oil

Stop smoking at least 6 weeks before surgery to prevent infarction or tissue death due to inadequate blood supply to the surgical site. If you are heavy smoker, please inform your surgeon before surgery. After surgery, smoke cessation is also highly recommended at least 2 weeks.

Stop drinking alcoholic beverages at least 24 hours before surgery. After surgery, it is also advised to refrain from drinking at least 1 week.

Take a shower and wash your hair prior to surgery.

All cosmetic products are not allowed to apply to the eyelid and the area around the eye at least 1 week after surgery.

Food and fluid restriction must be followed as directed by your surgeon. This aims to prevent aspiration that might happen during anesthesia administration.

It is recommended to wear sunglasses regularly at least 1 week after surgery to allow for eye comfort.

During the procedure, patient is sedated and anesthetized. Sedation usually causes drowsiness and uncomfortable feeling. Due to these side effects, patients are not allowed to drive back home by themselves. Relatives and friends should accompany the patients.

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