Keeping your home healthy and safe

Cope Covid-19 | UNICEF East Asia and Pacific

Even after the Spring Festival in China, gatherings with families and friends and various travel and outdoor activities are being cancelled. And many people have been staying home with their families to avoid infection.

Living with family members in a confined space for long periods of time and being regularly bombarded by information about the epidemic can lead to boredom, anxiety, worry and panic. It may also lead to feelings of depression and fear, and induce physical changes like chest congestion and insomnia. These are all normal reactions to stressful circumstances.

For families with children, spending more time together increases the opportunities for parents to communicate with their child. To get through the COVID-19 outbreak, family members must remain the essential source of support by helping all family members to feel safe, positive and maintain a healthy mind.

As a Chinese proverb says, “misfortune may be a blessing in disguise”. And by following the five tips below, families can turn the COVID-19 epidemic into an opportunity to grow closer and build emotional resilience among all its members.

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