Modifications taco night.

Taco Night Recipe — The Mom 100

Modifications taco night
Since this “cleanse” is just for fun, you can pick and choose the rules to follow. If you want to create your own healthy (but not vegan) version of a taco diet, use these guidelines.

Designate a “taco night.” How about #tacotuesday? Enjoy Mexican food and experiment with healthy taco recipes once a week.
Use healthy cooking methods to prepare taco shells. Instead of frying your tortillas, either warm them in the oven wrapped in foil (for soft tacos) or bake them in a hot oven to make them crisp.
Broil, steam, or roast taco fillings to cut back on oil.
Fill your tacos with healthy options, using a wide array of flavorful vegetables lean proteins to boost satiety (fullness). Try fish, shrimp, bison, and ground turkey.
Prioritize healthy fats such as avocados.
Limit higher-fat ingredients. Sour cream and cheese, for example, are dairy products that provide benefits for your body (such as calcium). But they are also high in fat. Choose one and include a single portion in each taco.
Watch your sodium intake. Many taco fillings (like beans, cheese, and olives) are high in salt. Look for low-sodium alternatives and try to avoid canned or processed ingredients.
Don’t overeat! Be sure to keep portion control in mind, especially if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.
Be mindful of alcohol consumption. Choose a low-calorie margarita recipe to pair with your tacos

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