Pain intervention treatment

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Dr. Pornpan explained that pain intervention is a diagnostic injection to identify the specific site of pain. This can be done in the patient who have chronic neck pain or back pain. The doctor will use ultrasound guided method for cervical spine and x-ray guided method for thoracic and lumbar spine. The duration of treatment for each location is around 30-60 minutes in a sterile room. This can be done without anesthesia. The injection needle is smaller than the one using to draw blood for blood test. After the procedure, the patient will have to stay 1 hour in a recovery room for observation and can go back home or to work immediately.

The procedure can reduces the pain around 70-80% in patients who cannot undergo surgery or can help identify the vertebral level or nerve root that is causing the pain before the surgery. This can increase the success rate of the surgery and reduce the recovery time. Dr. Pornpan also advised that office workers who are suffering from office syndrome should change the posture frequently, sit correctly, and stretch the muscle every hour. This allow the muscles to rest and avoid any prolonged strain. However, if you are suffering from neck pain or back pain, it is best to seek medical attention immediately in order to identify the cause and treat it early. Early treatment can help the patient getting back to normal life faster. You do not have to keep living with pain. Let us help you get back to enjoying life.

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