Pizza Diet

Pizza Diet — Handmade by Sara Kim

Nutrition: Much like the taco cleanse, the pizza diet could include nearly endless variations on a familiar food. But there is no pizza that could meet nutritional needs well enough to be the only food you eat. However, there are ways to make healthy pizza a part of an overall balanced, nutritious diet.
Practicality: Like tacos, pizzas are readily available for takeout, delivery, and dining in at restaurants. But for the healthiest pies, you’ll do better making them yourself—which will take time and effort.

Effectiveness: You’re not likely to lose weight on an all-pizza diet. But you might if you make healthier pizza a part of a long-term plan to curb your portions, cut back on empty calories, and reduce your calorie intake overall.
Sustainability: Even food as tasty as pizza can get old quickly if it’s all you eat. And you won’t get all the nutrition you need. So don’t try an all-pizza-all-the-time diet.

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