Possible Causes Hemorrhoids

Rethinking What We Know About Hemorrhoids - Clinical Gastroenterology and  Hepatology

Possible Causes Hemorrhoids

  1. Genetic factor: The FOXC2 gene of chromosome 16 might play a critical role in the formation of vessel abnormalities e.g. varicose veins or hemorrhoids.

  2. Certain occupations that result in increased pressure in the lower rectum. As pressure increases, blood pools in veins and causes them to swell. Eventually, the swollen or enlarged veins stretch the surrounding tissue and hemorrhoids develop.

  3. Complications of other health-related conditions such as cirrhosis (a late stage of scarring or fibrosis of the liver) and hepatitis B infection with ascites (abnormal buildup of fluid in the abdomen) which causes reduced blood flow to the abdomen.

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