Private Lives – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Private Lives (2020) | Korseries

Donning his motorcycle helmet, Jeong-Hwan thwarts the police and hurries away. As they contemplate what this all means, the detectives  notice the computers inside have been degaussed.

After they leave, Jeong-Hwan sneaks back in again but this time finding Yoon-Seok there. It turns out the boy who died last time was actually his twin brother, Min-Seok.

While they come to terms over what this means, Joo-Eun starts to question whether Jeong-Hwan is even dead too Hanson encourages her to drop this line of thinking, especially given there’s a big conglomerate involved.

Meanwhile, a former employee at GK vision – Byung-Jun – leads a pep rally as he promises to win over votes in the upcoming elections. Following this though, Seok-Ho discusses this with him and in particular, whether President Choi’s death was really a suicide or not.

That evening, Jae-Wook is driven into a parking lot where Jeong-Hwan happens to be watching from afar. He notices the motorcycle helmet in his mirror though and immediately becomes rattled.

This inevitably leads Kim to ring Jeong-Hwan and tell him to come in. Only, Jeong-Hwan is cautious despite asking him for help. When Kim arrives back in his office, he asks Seok-Go for details on Jeong-Hwan’s case.