Sulforaphane + Nrf2 = Detox Powerhouse

The discovery of sulforaphane can be traced back to twenty bucks, a trip to the grocery store, and a Johns Hopkins University researcher named Paul Talalay.

Talalay sent one of his students, Hans Prochaska, to pick up fruits and veggies because he’d noticed two things:

People who eat lots of fresh produce have a lower risk of certain diseases
Our cells “possess a network of enzymes” that can act as internal “defenses against the everyday ravages that can assault a cell: oxidative stress, toxic DNA-damaging chemicals, inflammation, and solar radiation.”
He theorized that these two things may be connected, and that phytochemicals in fruits and veggies may activate the enzymes in our bodies or the genes that control them, “inducing them to ramp up activity that normally functions at less-than-maximum capacity.”

Talalay’s research led to the discovery of sulforaphane, which turned out to be a “potent inducer” of the Nrf2 gene pathway, which triggers the release of protective enzymes that:

Help us detox
Protect against oxidative stress and inflammation
Play a role in autophagy (cellular cleanup mode)
Sulforaphane is the most powerful naturally occurring activator of Nrf2 that we know of. (3) Every single cell in our bodies contains a Nrf2 protein, which may be why sulforaphane has such a powerful effect on the whole body.

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