Sulforaphane Supplements

sulforaphane supplement benefits

If you’re thinking, “Goodness, I want to increase my sulforaphane intake but I don’t want to rinse sprouts every day or mince my broccoli and let it rest,” I hear you. My life is too full to consistently do all of that, too, which is why if you looked in my fridge right now you’d find BrocElite. (I do actually grow broccoli sprouts pretty often, but not enough to eat every day.)

Although sulforaphane extracts have been used with good results in clinical trials, often the preparations were made specifically for the study and are not commercially available.

When researching available options, I chose Brocelite because it uses a stabilized form of activated sulforaphane instead of just the precursors like other brands. Although in theory the precursors should form sulforaphane just like they do when broccoli sprouts are consumed, according to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Chemoprotection Center, they only have about 35% bioavailability. (20)

While that’s actually better than some antioxidants, activated sulforaphane is about 70% bioavailable.

Developed by four scientists (and friends) from Johns Hopkins University and Stanford, Brocelite is the only activated sulforaphane supplement that is naturally stabilized. Two capsules contain 10 milligrams of shelf-stable sulforaphane, which is about the equivalent of drinking about 3 oz of fresh juice made from broccoli sprouts harvested on the 3rd day.

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