Taco Cleanse

The Taco Cleanse Diet Is Actually Good For You - Simplemost

Nutrition: As a vegan eating plan, this cleanse excludes all animal products. Beyond that, the taco cleanse can include lots of healthy ingredients and nutrients.
Practicality: This diet is not about picking up take-out tacos three times a day. It requires quite a bit of cooking and most likely learning to try some new ingredients, recipes, and techniques.

Effectiveness: Whether you lose weight on a taco cleanse will depend a lot on what your usual diet is and how you interpret and follow the cleanse’s rules.
Sustainability: The taco cleanse book contains 75 recipes, which is probably not enough to last you for the long term (also, you will eventually get tired of tacos, no matter how delicious they are). But trying the taco cleanse might give you a sense of whether you’d like to continue with a vegan or vegetarian diet.

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