Tailor your communication approach to your child’s age.

Keeping your home healthy and safe

There are different ways to help children of different ages to understand the epidemic. Most children will have heard about the COVID-19 outbreak and will rely on their parents to better understand the situation. Because their normal lives have been disrupted or changed by the epidemic, they need to work with their families to develop effective responses.

Parents can help young children understand the epidemic by playing games with them or through storytelling, role-playing, or other artistic ways. For example, parents can work with their child to draw a picture of a virus, or read them an illustrated story on someone fighting the virus. Parents can also role-play with their child to help them understand how staying at home can be a powerful way to defeat the virus.

Parents may choose to openly discuss relevant information with their older children. Do not respond by saying things like, “this is an adult business which you wouldn’t understand”. Try to address your child’s questions and be frank and honest about the real situation and possible solutions.

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