The Wolf

A young boy, brought up by wolves, falls in love with Ma Zhai Xing, Lady Ma, the daughter of a general and lord of the city. Being mistaken as the killer of the emperor’s god brother, he was hunted down and driven off a cliff, where he is later found by military governor and warlord Chu Kui. Hearing about the amazing strength of this wolf boy, Chu Kui decides to adopt the boy naming him Chu You Wen. Chu Kui then proceeds to launch an ultimately successful coup, usurping the Tang monarch and installing himself as the first Emperor of the Yang Dynasty. The new emperor names Chu You Wen as a royal prince, Prince Bo.

Eight years later, Prince Bo meets his childhood sweetheart again when her family is killed in a massacre. Limited by the circumstances, Prince Bo refuses to acknowledge his identity as the wolf boy although he is still in love with her. Meanwhile, Lady Ma meets a wanderer named Ji Chong while trying to save a foreign princess and he falls in love with her. The two began building an intimate friendship and bond.