Top 12 Foods for Your Brain | Jane's Healthy Kitchen

The brain is in charge of the functions of the body’s organs and systems as well as the nervous system responsible for movement of limbs, walking,balance, and memory. As such a healthy brain will have a significant impact on your body’s overall health. Today, Thai people are at higher risk of diseases which affect the brain and nervous system due to lifestyle changes,

as well as the increased proportion of older individuals resulting in a super-aged society. This is important as when we get older, the chances of disease associated with the brain increases. In Thailand, statistics indicate that deaths from stroke occur every 4 minutes, an average of 6 people an hour. Furthermore, stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide after cancer, as such it is important to note what methods of prevention are available that are beneficial to brain function. One such way is paying attention to what you eat, selecting the very best foods to boost your brain and prevent disease.  Mr. Aekasith Chittham at the Bangkok Hospital indicates that selecting the right foods can help to improve brain cell function and prevent deterioration.What are the Best Foods for Optimizing Brain Function? How often should we

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