Treatment Of Colorectal Cancer


Treatment of colorectal cancer must be given by highly specialized multidisciplinary team consisting of colorectal surgeons, diagnostic radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and pathologists. Supported by cutting-edge surgical technology, minimally invasive colorectal surgery with sphincter-saving technique significantly increases chances of being cured, resulting in preserved sphincter functions required for bowel movements and improved quality of life.

More importantly, clinical researches suggest that to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes, not only advanced technology in treatment, but multidisciplinary team with patient-centric approach is a major contributing factor.

It has been widely acknowledged that radiation treatment and chemotherapy prior to the surgery largely helps reducing chances to perform colorectal surgery with permanent colostomy. In addition, minimally invasive surgery with sphincter-saving technique must be performed by highly skilled and well-trained surgeons in order to prevent possible complications during surgery.

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