“True Beauty” is one of the most looked forward webtoon adaptation to drama this year.

True Beauty
ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo as Lee SuHo
SuHo is a very handsome and perfect high school student. He receives the attention of everyone but is interested in no one. Even if he looks cold on the outside, he is actually kind-hearted and gets shy easily.
His father is a top star who was always busy and his mother passed away after she suffered from cancer for a long time. SuHo was always alone but he finally opened his heart to his friend SeYeon. His world became even colder after SeYeon passed away 1 year ago.
Hwang InYeop as Han SeoJun
SeoJun has attractive good looks and a model-like physical. Because he trained for a long time to be an idol, sometimes he lacks common sense.
Because of his rebellious vibes, there are rumors about him being related to gangsters. But this is actually wrong. He is a warm son and sweet older brother who takes care of his sick mother and little sister.
SeoJun used to be friends with SuHo but because he thinks he is responsible for the death of their friend SeYeon, they are now enemies. He was tangled with JuGyeong by some bad events but in the end, he fell in love with her.
Park YooNa as Kang SuJin
SuJin is the original no-makeup goddess of Saebom High School who does not need makeup, app filters, or photoshop. She is beautiful and is confident.
She studies well and is from a wealthy family. SuJin seems perfect from the outside, but she is actually having a hard time because of her oppressive family. She is always pretending to be fine. She became closer to JuGyeong through SuA.
Kang MinAh as SuA
SuA was the best friend of SuJin but after JuGyeong transferred to the school, she became closer to her.
She is very friendly and talks a lot. SuA is an ordinary high school girl, who relieves stress at the karaoke. She is a big fan of the group A-TEEN.