Types Of Face Masks

Face masks made of different materials have been developed and available. Different types of masks have different quality and usage purposes as well as effects on ventilation system while wearing, such as:

  • N95 mask: N95 mask or respirator is a respiratory protective device designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles. N95 mask or even surgical mask increases the effort in breathing and may cause discomfort especially while exercising. Although some N95 masks have exhalation valves on the front, it does not help to breathe easier. In fact, it might induce breathing difficulties and shortness of breath during conducting exercise.

  • Cloth mask: Even though cloth mask is more convenient to wear and considered an alternative for personal protection, it cannot filter fine particles such as PM2.5 and prevent viral transmission during direct exposure to droplets from sneeze or cough.

Given the current circumstances, prevention of disease transmission via all means remains crucial as the first priority. Staying active and fit is also important to minimize the risk of infections. To reduce chances of viral spreading, at-home exercise or exercise in isolation areas with social distancing (at least 2 meters from each other) is highly recommended. Especially outdoor exercise, social distancing must be strictly complied with since droplets contaminated with viruses from infected people when sneezing or coughing might spread further due to speed and wind velocity. Besides social practice, other preventive measures must be followed e.g. maintaining good personal hygiene, frequent handwashing and avoiding touching mouth, eyes, nose and face.

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