Water Vs. Electrolyte Drinks

diy electrolyte drink fb

As I mentioned earlier, sweating helps our bodies eliminate heavy metals, PCB’s, BPA and other toxins. However, it also depletes our bodies of water and minerals, so we need to replenish both.

I already consume a lot of electrolytes daily through food and liquid minerals, so in general during a sauna session I usually just sip on a big glass jar of water during a sauna session. However, sometimes I add a pinch of unrefined sea salt or make one of these electrolyte drink recipes if I do an intense workout before my sauna session. There’s a pretty good pre-made powdered option available, too.

Other ways to replenish electrolytes include adding kale to a smoothie (it’s rich in calcium and magnesium) that also contains avocado for potassium, phosphorus and additional magnesium.

Bottom line: Drink a lot, but stick to water and make sure you’ve got a strategy for replenishing electrolytes. I love Dry Farm Wines, but saunas and alcohol should never mix.

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