What Can You Eat? (taco scientists)

Dear Taco Scientists: Tacophobia | The Taco Cleanse

The book’s authors, four self-proclaimed “taco scientists,” explain that the plan is quite simple. All of your meals must contain tacos, including breakfast. A cleanse can last for just one day or up to a month (the “Fuego” level). “As one would expect,” they explain, “the benefits of a high-taco diet become especially apparent as one approaches Fuego level.”

What You Need to Know
Since the taco cleanse is a parody, there are no strict instructions for the diet plan beyond the requirement that every meal contains at least one taco. “The Taco Cleanse” book does provide dozens of delicious vegan recipes that you can try, whether you are “cleansing” or not (with or without tortillas).

As a rule of thumb, try to avoid pre-packaged taco kits and canned products to prepare your healthy Mexican food. Taco shells that are precooked may contain unhealthy trans fat and are higher in calories than the ones you make at home. And taco additions like canned refried beans are likely to be higher in fat and sodium.

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