What Is the Taco Cleanse?

How to spot a fad diet - Mia Nacamulli - YouTube

Among the myriad fad diets that circulate the media each year, one particular program garnered mucho excitement and curiosity: the taco cleanse. But before you jump at the chance to eat nothing but tacos, you should know that the taco cleanse is not a real weight loss program.

The concept of the taco diet comes from a humorous book, “The Taco Cleanse,” which provides vegan recipes for people who love tacos and want to experiment with a vegan lifestyle.

Despite reports that have circulated in recent years with promises that following an all-taco diet can help you lose weight, the authors of the book do not promote the taco cleanse as a weight loss program. In fact, the authors’ message is anti-diet, and the book itself is a parody of cleanses. “It’s pretty clear we think cleanses (other than the Taco Cleanse, of course) are unhealthy,” the authors write.

The authors also list a number of resources that debunk fad diets and also provide a link to a reputable organization for people who might be struggling with an eating disorder. All of the benefits stated in the book are simply based on entertaining anecdotal evidence from the authors who are taco enthusiasts which makes the book funny and enjoyable to read.

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