Who should take a Sleep Lab?

For Adults, a Sleep lab should be taken if:

  • You wake up in the morning feeling weary, not rested

  • Dizziness, always feeling like you need to back to sleep

  • You feel you did not get a full night’s sleep, as if you had been up all night. You are easily irritable and impatient.

  • You get so sleepy during the day at work that it affects your ability to function in your job, e.g. dozing off at work during a meeting, reading a book, watching a movie or television
  • You have difficulty breathing, especially during sleep
  • Suddenly waking up or heavy breathing due to lack of oxygen
  • You have unexplained hypertension
  • Your effectiveness, productivity, or results at work deteriorate because of sleepiness, lack of concentration, poor brain function, and impaired memory
  • You wake up frequently in the middle of the night, or in order to urinate.

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